Core Deficits

Regardless of where the child falls on the spectrum, a child with Autism will experience the core deficits. Unless the core deficits are addressed, an individual with Autism, regardless of IQ, how much skills they have learnt or whether they are considered high or low functioning, the individual will face restrictions in his/her quality of life. This is why it is necessary to understand the core deficits so that there is an understanding of what it is we are remediating.

Autism is not merely a social or behaviour issue. That is the manifestation that results from the core deficits. Research by top Neurologists have found that
  • Autism is a failure of integrated processes
  • There is underconnectivity of neural patterns in the brains of people with ASD.
  • No accumulation of episodic memory.

Essentially, it is a deficit in dynamic information processing. That is, there is an inability of the emotional part of the brain to integrate with the executive center of the brain.