Testimonies for our workshops

On Our Autism Workshops

“Genevieve did very well. I learned a lot from her, (information) that can be very useful in my work as a childcare teacher dealing with children with special needs in a mainstream setting.”

“The content is just fine. I find it very useful as I am handling children with special needs”

“What I like best: The role play, and encouragement and advice from the trainer. In depth understanding o the topics introduced.”

“Loved the videos and real life events that were shared by parents”

“Genevieve is engaging and knowledgeable. I learned a lot today!”

“Trainer showed wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the topics shared.”

“The hands on exercises are the best. It helps me to be mindful of what I intend to do during the exercises”

On Managing Challenging Behaviour

“Most engaging style of training, full of practical anecdotes and humour”
“Informative, relevant, good that she gave real experiences and how she handles them.”
“Genevieve has excellent knowledge in Special Education. She speaks our language and makes workshop interesting and I am able to follow.”
“Personal experiences shared. This helped me to relate to my own experiences and reflect on how I can change my behaviours in future”

On Adolescence

“What I liked best: Videos, good coverage of theory vs practical applications.”
“Gen is excellent! Experienced, good sharing of experience. Approachable. Open. with Empathy”
“Trainer was clear and provided plenty of insight, new and relatable.”

On Making Connections

“Making the concepts come alive via the video clips, showing people exhibiting the traits/behaviour”
“What I like best: A scientific way to explain how does the brain work”

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