Social Group

Our Social Group, known as our work and leisure group will focus on guiding our children to develop in two areas: dynamic interaction and a work and leisure skill. The group will be led by a psychologist who will give the children the opportunity to work on developing dynamic interaction processes, such as, dynamic thinking, mindful communication and social interaction. The goal for each child will be based on their developmental level.

As our children grow, we want them to be exposed to opportunities that can enrich their lives. With some of our older kids in particular, they may have talents that are undiscovered or undeveloped. We hope to help them discover and develop their talents, which can be used for leisure and perhaps for work should they show the aptitude and interest. Areas that we will focus on will be either Art or Gardening.

Psychologist mixing paint
Sherlyn, one of our psychologists, has a hobby in the arts.
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