RDI: Relationship Development Intervention

Introduction to RDI, or, Why RDI?

Our journey to the RDI® programme stemmed from heartache in seeing some children struggle when they enter mainstream schools and their difficulty in coping with dynamic environments.

Every child experiences the same desires, pleasures and heartache as with everyone else. We wanted for them a better quality of life, where they did not have to rely on accommodations but could live their dreams.

Developed by Dr Steven Gutstein, based on the latest scientific research in autism, the brain and developmental psychology, it is a parent-based treatment for individuals on the spectrum and those with other relationship based disorders.

What is RDI?

RDI, or Relationship Development Intervention is a cognitive-developmental therapy developed in part by Dr. Steven E. Gutstein. RDI is a parent-based clinical treatment for people with autism and other relationship based disorders and impacts their quality of life and adult competence.

RDI uses remediation to correct deficits that are a barrier to your child attaining a better quality of life. A developmental process, remediation looks for the developmental period where your child was unable to progress further in their development. It is a gradual and systematic way to build competence in your child by providing opportunities for mindfulness & creating pathways for thinking so they can progress where they previously stopped.

Through remediation, a child with ASD will be able to achieve a better quality of life that promotes independent living, rewarding employment, close friendships, reciprocal family relationships and possible marriage.

Remediation of autism: Core deficits

Regardless of where the child falls on the spectrum, a child with Autism will experience the core deficits. Unless the core deficits are addressed, an individual with Autism, regardless of IQ, how much skills they have learnt or whether they are considered high or low functioning, the individual will face restrictions in his/her quality of life. This is why it is necessary to understand the core deficits so that there is an understanding of what it is we are remediating.

Our RDI Programme

“Our RDI® Programme commences with the Parent Readiness Process. This is followed by the RDI assessment where a treatment plan will be prepared, followed by the RDI® intervention sessions.” To find out more about our RDI programme, request for an information package to be e-mailed to you. Contacts can be found here.