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Grow with our Work and Leisure Programme

As our children grow, we want them to be exposed to opportunities that can enrich their lives. With some of our older kids in particular, they may have talents that are undiscovered or they may like talents that are undeveloped. We hope to help them discover and develop their talents, which can be used for leisure and perhaps for work should they show the aptitude and interest.

Basic DSLR Camera Photography Course

Through this photography course, your child will learn the basic skills of DSLR photography. They will learn about the camera, the different terminologies commonly used, and how to apply these so as to take the best photographs in a variety of settings. They will also be able to explore their own areas of interest. Through this course, your child will learn to see things from a different perspective, develop a sense of agency as they are in control of the shots they take, build confidence through each photograph, and as well as learn how to make decisions such as choosing what to focus on in a shot.

Sports Programmes

The sports programme caters to a range of different needs and abilities. As we know, movement is beneficial for the brain. John Ratey, author of ‘A User’s Guide to the Brain’ terms exercise as “Miracle-Gro” for the brain because of how it can stimulate nerve growth factors. Researchers have found that when children are given the chance to run 15 – 45 minutes before class, they were less distracted and more attentive. Another study showed that brisk walking 30 – 40 minutes a day, three times a week could regrow structures in the brain linked to cognitive decline. Dr Daniel Siegel has suggested that movement can be a powerful way to change emotions. Many of us regulate via movement. Sports can also be a fun way to engage socially with others.

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Off-site observation

Sometimes a child may experience difficulties in specific settings. In that case, it is often more fruitful to have our psychologists conduct an observation in those types of settings (e.g. in school, at playgroup, etc.) instead of having a 1-to-1 session with the child in a clinical setting. At the end of each off-site observation, feedback will be given, along with a report, as well as intervention plans and referrals for appropriate services if necessary.

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The initial consultation is carried out for the purpose of looking into the needs of the child and the family.

The session will include observations of the child and interview with parents and caregivers.

At the end of the session, a management plan in consultation with the family, that works towards the long term goals for the child will be developed.

How can parents prepare for the session?

Send in information on the child’s developmental history (e.g. when communication started and what forms of communication are used), behaviour, communication and social skills in a variety of settings with a variety of people and feedback from the school (if any) prior to the session.

It is recommended that your child have a good night’s sleep the night before.

It is advisable to have breakfast before the session starts. You may want to bring some finger food and drinks, should your child get hungry during the session.

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Assessments & Diagnosis

One of our psychologists (Hong Yin) doing an assessment

In discussing your concerns, the assessment and diagnostic process will help in evaluating your child’s level of skills and ability in various areas, such as, communication, socialization, play and cognition.

The session will help us to determine the individual needs of your child. We will be able to work out a management plan in consultation with the family, towards the long term goals of your child.

The session will include a standardized cognitive assessment, observations of the child and an extensive interview with parents and caregivers.

We also carry out assessments to arrange school placements that meets the various requirements of the different schools.

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