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Testimonies for our workshops

On Our Autism Workshops

“Genevieve did very well. I learned a lot from her, (information) that can be very useful in my work as a childcare teacher dealing with children with special needs in a mainstream setting.”

“The content is just fine. I find it very useful as I am handling children with special needs”

“What I like best: The role play, and encouragement and advice from the trainer. In depth understanding o the topics introduced.”

“Loved the videos and real life events that were shared by parents”

“Genevieve is engaging and knowledgeable. I learned a lot today!”

“Trainer showed wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the topics shared.”

“The hands on exercises are the best. It helps me to be mindful of what I intend to do during the exercises”

On Managing Challenging Behaviour

“Most engaging style of training, full of practical anecdotes and humour”
“Informative, relevant, good that she gave real experiences and how she handles them.”
“Genevieve has excellent knowledge in Special Education. She speaks our language and makes workshop interesting and I am able to follow.”
“Personal experiences shared. This helped me to relate to my own experiences and reflect on how I can change my behaviours in future”

On Adolescence

“What I liked best: Videos, good coverage of theory vs practical applications.”
“Gen is excellent! Experienced, good sharing of experience. Approachable. Open. with Empathy”
“Trainer was clear and provided plenty of insight, new and relatable.”

On Making Connections

“Making the concepts come alive via the video clips, showing people exhibiting the traits/behaviour”
“What I like best: A scientific way to explain how does the brain work”

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Testimonies from parents

Our family has been with Children’s Partnership since 2005/6. My eldest son was the first to be diagnosed with Autism, and we had been so blessed to work with Genevieve all these years. She works with sincerity and passion, and her judgement is usually spot on. Over the years, we had benefited much from her support, encouragement, and advice. We learnt not just how to help our special children, but also understand more about our family dynamics, and how it impacted the children. Even when other children had issues, we never considered going elsewhere, as we had faith in Gen and her colleagues. Children’s Partnership is a group that never rest on their laurels, but constantly seeks to better themselves and their services to support the families they work with. They work with their heart. They are the only group our family has consistently partnered with for the last 8 years, to support our children both at home and school, simply because we trust them absolutely. We know they will do their best to partner us to guide our children to their fullest potential, to live their dreams, and most importantly, to lead meaningful quality lives.
Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts.

Ham and Chern Chieh, Feb 2014

We were recommended to Genevieve Chua, Children Partnership by a psychologist. Our son had been diagnosed with Autism at eighteen months old and we didn’t know who or where to turn to. Our son was having speech delay and very much lacking in basic social skills. All these years, we are happy and felt fortunate that our child has been with Genevieve Chua, Children Partnership. We started out with PECS and then RDI. The RDI therapy has empowered us in learning how to deal with our son. With the help of Genevieve, we are constantly figuring out ways to bring out the social/emotional side of our child. We believe in the RDI therapy. It is working for us and our child too! He has improved and progressed nicely over the years and working towards a better quality of life. Without Children’s Partnership, we’re not sure where we would’ve turned for help. From the day we began, to this very day, Genevieve has always been guiding and advising us how to bring up our Special Child. She is dedicated towards our child and will even advise us how to handle our child when he had a big meltdown even after office hours. Passion is rare these days. However, Genevieve is one of the most passionate professionals we have ever encountered. She doesn’t just see a child with a deficit, she sees a child who deserves all of the joy and love that any neurotypical child does. She reaches a child and brings him/her out of his/her world. Our child has improved in the care of all of the professionals at Children Partnership. I would highly recommend this nurturing environment to any and everyone who needs a place for their children with ASD. It is also a great place to connect with other parents who share a similar experience as your own. Their support has encouraged and helped us maintain our sanity. Thank you so much Genevieve, Samantha (a psychologist who is no longer an employee of Children’s Partnership), Hong Yin and team!!

Best regards
Mr & Mrs Cheow

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